Australian dollar hits a new high since late November 2013 … Kiwi rips to highest since August 2011

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

We’ve had some positive data for the Aussie today, enough to see further buying after the extended rise since Monday’s opening.

AUD/USD is at its highest since late November 2013:

AUDUSD candlestick chart 09 April 2014

The kiwi, too, is doing its own face-ripping, hitting to above 0.8700:

NZDUSD daily candlestick chart 09 April 2014

Actually, need a longer-term look at the Kiwi … highest since August 2011:

NZDUSD 5 year candlestick chart 09 April 2014

Longterm forecast … by the end of this year the NZD/USD will be renamed GODZILLA/USD

(LOL … those waiting on a sell signal … there ya go!)