LDP calls for setting 2% inflation target with BOJ

Author: Gerry Davies | Category: News

LDP releases policy platform ahead of Dec 16 election.

  • Calls for BOJ cooperation in seeking drastic easing
  • LDP to consider setting up fund to buy foreign bonds
  • Pledges economic stimulus soon after taking power
  • Pledges to pass large-scale extra budget
  • Pledges to increase defence spending, military personnel
  • Considers putting officials on islands disputed with China (OH DEAR)
  • May change constitution to assert right of self defense
  • Aims to achieve primary balance surplus by 2020
  • Considering variable sales tax rates for lower income group
  • To cut welfare payment by 10%
  • Corporate tax rates must be cut significantly
  • Won’t join TPP if required to abolish all tariffs

USD/JPY has continued its’ sojourn higher, presently at 81.90 having been as high as 81.97.  Barrier option well-touted at 82.00.