Reuters poll on Japan labour market, wages, reforms productivity

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Reuters Corporate survey

  • 50 pct of Japanese firms expect planned labour reforms will push up costs, 38 pct see no change
  • 67 pct considering steps to boost productivity to cope with the impact of labour reforms
The survey in response to Japan's plans to implement more employee-friendly laws
  • Including caps on overtime
  • Better pay for part-time and contract workers
More from Reuters:
  • The proposals, which may come into effect from 2019, will only add to strains already being felt as firms grapple with a deepening labour shortage due to a rapidly aging population
  • More pressure to boost productivity is seen as long overdue and could boost growth in the long-term
  • "Coming on top of labour shortages, Abe's plan will cause declines in sales and profits. We have done what we can in terms of streamlining," wrote a manager at a machinery maker, one of the nine percent of firms which saw a considerable jump in labour costs
Reuters Corporate survey conducted April 4-17
  • Conducted monthly for Reuters by Nikkei Research
  • Poll of 529 big and mid-sized businesses
  • Around 240 responded