GBPUSD orders 11 Dec - Sellers winning the battle again

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: Forex Orders

Currently 1.3368 just off session lows after the early rally to 1.3432

The Brexit reality check continues with  more cracks appearing beneath a very thin veneer. Rally sellers like me stand ever poised but strong support demand between 1.3300-20 still. Take your pick.

Offers rebuilding between 1.3420-35 which has been a sticking point a few times in recent days/weeks so the level should have been on your radar whatever your signal of choice.

EURGBP demand also helping to push cable lower and help underpin EURUSD.

Offers: 1.3400 1.3420 1.3430-35 1.3450 1.3480 1.3500

Bids:   1.3350 1.13320 1.3300 1.3280 1.3250