New from ForexLive: Marital advice (AKA basics for traders)

Technical Analysis

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | technical-analysis

I was reading Greg's wrap of the US time zone trading and came across this on GBP/USD movement today. Bolding is mine: 

  • The charge higher in the dollar on the news, was led by a 100 pip fall in the GBPUSD in a matter of seconds in the NY afternoon session.
  • The news dovetailed a technical break of the 1.2988-90 which was a ceiling yesterday, became a floor after the break higher today, before breaking below shortly after the story/video broke. So the ceiling at 1.2988-90 became a floor, but then became a ceiling again on the break lower. Got it?

And so, to marital advice.
Find a nice girl/guy/dog, whatever the heck is your preference and by all means get married if you'd like.

DO NOT marry your view of the markets. Markets are for trading, not marrying.

Carry on.