Wilbur’s Ode to ForexLive

Author: Sean Lee | Category: News

Who’d have thunk it, we’re up there with “Paradise Lost” and “The Grecian Urn”. Great work Wilbur.

After careful analysis, I put on my trade
Although Jamie has told me that it’s unwise to fade
But I just cannot see it going up with this news
It’s time it came down, and that I got my dues

The market soon surges, and eats up my stop
I sigh and go long; of course it starts to drop
I tell myself “sit tight, for it will come back”
But, surely it doesn’t. My account looks like cack.

I’m prepared to be hoist by my own petard,
When up pops the BIS and buys half a yard.
Who for, I wonder, who would buy all that crap?
I’m so glad you did, now I’m out of this trap.

Let’s have a look, what does Gerry have to say?
He’s a genial gent on astronomical pay.
“Who’d have thunk it?”, he says – well, surely not me.
I’m thoughtless and numb without him and Sean Lee.

And as for JC with his wisdom and humour
Equipped with a wit that’s as fast as a puma
It’s from him that I learn all that stuff I should know
Like barriers and fixes, all described by a pro

Here’s to you ForexLive, a site like no other
I think of you more than I do my own mother
I say “morning” to Gerry, to Sean it’s “Goodnight”
And while I eat lunch Jamie shows me the light

Thanks to you, now my trading has taken a turn
For the better, although there is still lots to learn
To you gentlemen, if you’re ever near here
Just give me a nod, I’ll gladly buy you a beer